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DiGiGrid users rejoice as Waves introduces new software…

 DiGiGrid users all over the world will be excited to hear the news that Waves Audio has released a dramatically enhanced version of SoundGrid Studio and eMotion ST Mixer. SoundGrid Studio is the software controlling your SoundGrid-powered DiGiGrid system, so take advantage of the free upgrade to unlock the power of real-time processing and networking in your studio. This is your ticket to recording, mixing and creating more powerfully than ever…

 Record and monitor in real time, mix plugin-rich sessions and collaborate more easily with other musicians, producers and engineers. Here’s just a taste of the improved functionality and feature-rich advantages that await your studio…

 –  Record and monitor via your DiGiGrid interface with plugins running at ultra-low latency unnoticeable to the human ear.

–  Boost your mixing power and never worry about CPU limits by easily offloading your plugin processing to your DiGiGrid SoundGrid server.

– Easily connect multiple computers, DAWs, DiGiGrid audio interfaces, synths, controllers and other devices to the same studio system using SoundGrid’s all-new patch section.

– Cross check your mixes quickly across multiple sets of studio monitors, using the all-new customisable control room section.

 – Empower musicians to record their best takes by simultaneously sending them multiple personalised headphone mixes, with the ability to customise their monitor mixes at the click of a button.

 Time to catch some new Waves!