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About Us

  Brand Manager Dan Page Introduces DiGiGrid

“DiGiGrid is the product of a collaboration between Waves, the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and DiGiCo, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional mixing consoles. The partnership between the two goes back to 2009. Waves needed a live partner for their new SoundGrid Audio networking and DSP technology and DiGiCo was the obvious choice. Some years, and thousands of SoundGrid-enabled consoles later, DiGiGrid was born, taking SoundGrid to new markets with advanced audio interfaces.

“Since DiGiGrid’s launch as an independent business in 2013 we have established ourselves as a benchmark for the manufacture of advanced audio interfaces that give users the freedom to connect multiple DAWS and hardware devices, using award-winning preamps and providing systems with the power to run hundreds of plugins in real time.

“DiGiGrid interfaces are now regular toolbox items in many systems. Our MGB and MGO MADI interfaces (and recent Quad MADI MGR) are standard high-channel-count interfaces on many touring and broadcasting systems. For high-channel-count virtual soundcheck interfacing, or combined with a SoundGrid DSP server for low latency plugin processing, they’re hard to beat.

“In 2016, we expanded our range of interfaces, launching the Desktop Series. These small and portable solutions maintained DiGiGrid’s core values of superb audio and outstanding build quality without compromise. The range’s aluminium extruded interfaces and discrete analogue circuit designs provided users with a premium product. Professional quality advanced network based interfaces had never been so easy to use or affordable.

“With the expansion of Waves host software, users now have a choice of three platforms and applications for their DiGiGrid hardware. SoundGrid Studio, SuperRack and LV1 cover all the bases – DiGiGrid is the backbone to each. Within systems for studio, broadcast or touring, the DiGiGrid range provides audio professionals with high quality networked audio solutions for every situation.

“At DiGiGrid, everything we create and develop is directed towards our customers’ achievement of excellence. Rapid service and a high-level of technical support are ingrained in our operations – we’ll look after you and our products will look after your work.”

DiGiGrid Team Principals

Dan Page

Dan Page

Brand Manager

Graduate Tonmeister and uniquely qualified industry expert.

Education combines classical music performance with applied electronics, acoustics and recording.

Practical training as a bench engineer expands electronic and digital knowledge base.

Moves to specialise in studio design, installation and support. Works with artists engineers and producers to build systems for Oasis, Madonna, George Michael…

Reputation grows.

Co-operates on recording project with DiGiCo leading to role in product specialist Department. Works on test and development of SD consoles and supports big global tours.

Assimilates more technical knowledge and adds commercial skills. Supports design, specification and training.

Previous experience places vastly experienced audio expert in pole position to secure success of DiGiGrid from outset.

In-depth knowledge of digital systems and ability to communicate with fellow engineers, technicians and commercial teams prove highly successful.

Michael Mäurer

Michael Mäurer

Product Specialist

Qualified IT specialist entered audio industry as freelance live engineer.

Develops Silent Beat Studios part-time whilst working as product manager for large audio companies Behringer, RCF/dB technologies.

Experience grows across all aspects of audio, including valuable commercial understanding. Continues to work out in the field of live engineering and widens scope of Silent Beat.

Hones music production skills and develops strong reputation as excellent trainer and communicator. Works hundreds of shows and sessions. Silent Beat launches commercially.

Seeks new challenge to complement now successful small-scale studio operation. Fluency in English and German expands scope.

Lands dream role with DiGiGrid.

Able to combine every facet of live and studio production expertise in creative and commercial environment.

Forges strong customer relationships via in-depth knowledge and direct empathy as hands-on live sound and studio engineer.

Runs technical education workshops, supports DiGiGrid dealers and customers with trouble-shooting, design advice and opinion.