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“I started as a studio engineer twenty years ago. One day during a recording session I was invited to mix a live show, which l promptly accepted, and ever since I’ve been gravitating between studio and live sound. From then on I have toured with a number of successful artists all over the world such as Sepultura, Motorhead, Juanes, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend Project and many more.

My first contact with DiGiGrid products happened three years ago when I started working for Juanes and I was looking for a solution for virtual soundcheck at FOH. Juanes` monitor engineer at that time was already using a DiGiGrid MGB along with a DiGiCo console to track the rehearsals. He walked me through the setup, showing me the capabilities of this low latency Soundgrid network over a few bnc and cat5 cables. I must confess that at first it made me scratch my head a little, but after a few minutes playing with it I realised that I was in front of a system with tons of possibilities that I could fit in my backpack.

The DiGiGrid MGB was a game changer for me. Since I am also a big Waves user, it did not take me much time to incorporate the same unit as part of my SoundGrid Multirack Inventory. Now I run 70% of my show processing on a Macbook Pro and SG Server through one single DiGiGrid MGB box, with a setup that dedicates MADI Port 1 ( 1 to 64 ) to handle all the recording and virtual soundcheck and MADI Port 2 ( 65 to 128 ) to run my Soundgrid Multirack inserts.

It`s amazing what this tiny box can do. And it`s so handy that last year I got a second rig with optional DiGiGrid MGB and DiGiGrid IOX I/O that I take with me on any tour I am mixing.

I highly recommend DiGiGrid products to any engineer or artists out there. I can say without a doubt that DiGiGrid has the best solutions in the market to implement your audio network. They are rock solid interfaces with a very intuitive software and setup, that will allow you to route the signal in whatever direction you need. In my user experience, to be able to record, do virtual soundcheck, and run all my plugins software through one single interface is just incredible. Well done DiGiGrid!!”

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