MIKADO FM is the United Nations radio station stationed in Mali, West Africa. We recently purchased an LV1/IOS for our main live studio microphone processors. We have five mics, an OB van with a UHF talkback transmitter and two telephones going through the LV1. For the mic channels, we use a chain of processing that includes the Renaissance EQ 2, NS1 noise suppressor, and the C4 and LA-2A plugins.

We chose DiGiGrid because they are known for having good quality products. Their drivers are stable, and they give us access to the best plugins in the world! For broadcast purposes they are the only ones that offers non-latency plugins; for example, the NS1 is very useful here because our studios are constructed inside prefab buildings and we have noise from the AC. Isolation isn’t top quality, but with the NS1 we can avoid all this noise.

The LV1 is a nice digital console that offers multiple routing and easy access to plugin interface. Server setup is so easy, you just connect and press configure and you’re done. The LV1 has also helped improve our workflow with quick recall presets.

I would definitely recommend DiGiGrid products, we are really happy with the system we have. There are no bugs, the software is reliable, and the client service is also good.