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Iconic producer/mixer Jack Joseph Puig (U2, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, John Mayer) uses the DiGiGrid DLS audio interface to enhance his networking capabilities and significantly increase his processing power.

DiGiGrid DLS (a collaboration between Waves Audio and DiGiCo) is an all-in-one processing and networking hub that bridges Pro Tools and the Waves SoundGrid® system. With its built-in SoundGrid DSP server, network switch, and two DigiLink ports providing as many as 64 digital inputs and outputs, DiGiGrid DLS gives users more processing power and lets them take full advantage of their existing Pro Tools system. By providing full plugin integration inside users’ DAWs, DiGiGrid DLS lets users track, monitor and mix while running hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible Waves and third-party plugins in real time—all with an incredibly low latency of only 0.8 milliseconds.

Jack Joseph Puig notes, “Sessions have become larger in size, and almost everyone is using higher sampling rates. If you also include virtual instruments, the CPU and your internal memory start reaching their capacity, even when you are using a sizable computer and lots of RAM. DiGiGrid DLS solves the issue of me not being able to create with as many plugins as I choose and need to use. DiGiGrid has saved me more then once from running out of processing power. Digital is really still in its infancy. Waves is the only company that I feel provides me, as a record maker, with a first-class digital audio experience. Growing up in the high-fidelity Los Angeles era, with its massive commitment to sonic excellence, has made me a tough customer. With DiGiGrid and with Waves’ audio quality, I don’t have to go to an analog device to accomplish the desired sound. This means I’m immersed in creating without losing the ability to catch creative magical moments.”

Puig adds, “With the home studio becoming the most common recording and mixing environment, and with the future of the connected home and the connected person, I believe DiGiGrid is the needed and essential technology for the future—I believe it will become the new norm. Nothing will destroy your workflow like having to settle for second-best decisions because you don’t have the processing power to fulfill your desired path to a final mix. In other words, DiGiGrid DLS enables me to create away without a worry. ‘Worry-free mixing’ is what it offers.”

To read more about DiGiGrid DLS go to: https://digigrid.net/portfolio/dls/.

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