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DiGiGrid’s Dan Page recently attended a Discovery Day in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by the Restart Institute of Creative Arts and New Technologies. During the event visitors were able to get hands-on with the complete range of DiGiGrid products and solutions, both for Studio and Live markets.

Portuguese Sound Engineer João Lopes is a longtime DiGiGrid user who also presented on the day. Here are his thoughts about DiGiGrid tools and the importance of these Discovery Days:

“For the last two years my main work has been on European tours with Sinistro, a Portuguese metal band. In the last two years we have travelled to more than 20 countries. I’ve been doing FOH and IEM on the shows, and I’ve found the LV1 digital mixing console from Waves to be the best choice for me – it’s reliable and quick to use, plus the sound quality is excellent and it is easily portable.

“However, DiGiGrid IOS is the most important tool for my live mixes. I use two DiGiGrid IOX for all the inputs and outs, IEM and FOH, and I have a DiGiGrid D for my FOH talkback and phones monitor.”

“I really enjoyed the Discovery Day. It can be difficult to change an old mentality if you have used standard brands for years, but I think that it is necessary to show to the Portuguese sound techs and companies the quality of the DiGiGrid products. It was good to have almost 40 professional sound guys at the event listening to Dan Page’s explanations. It was a special day and I think the visitors were able to see the benefits of the DiGiGrid solutions.”

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