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Sonus Exsertus, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a specialist in stage technologies with a twenty-year history of providing turnkey solutions for a wide range of venues, from theatres and houses of worship to cinemas, arts centres and retail settings. The company also acts as a distributor for many leading brands across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and Georgia, offering comprehensive sales and servicing. For the last five years, Sonus has been distributing DiGiGrid products in the region, and has overseen a steadily upward trajectory in sales during that time. Whilst recent world events have seen turbulent times across the industry, Sonus has adapted to circumstances and continued to perform well. Its sales of DiGiGrid units continued to grow strongly throughout last year, something that Head of Sales Ramunas Alenskas attributes to a combination of factors:

 “As far as our overall business is concerned, when the pandemic struck, we were working on a number of projects that we’d already designed. Our government had invested funds into the infrastructure of the culture sector, so it was a case of right place, right time in that respect. We actually expanded our team during the pandemic, employing designers, project managers and integrators. We worked in shifts to minimise contact.

 “More specifically in relation to DiGiGrid I feel that we benefitted from a lot of groundwork that we had done in previous years to acquaint customers with the brand and its strengths. We put a great deal of effort into public and private demonstrations, sometimes allowing engineers to explore demo products for longer periods that usual – maybe two to three months – and of course the high quality of the products then spoke for themselves.”

According to Alenskas, a wide range of customers have tapped into the DiGiGrid brand in the region, including small and medium sized studios, live sound engineers and a growing number of installers. Dan Page, Sales and Brand Manager at DiGiGrid comments:

 “Whilst the pandemic saw the suspension of much activity in the events and entertainment sectors, it also drove the creative industries to seek solutions that would enable them to continue working, albeit in a temporarily (hopefully) very different environment. Many appear to have used the time to streamline and future-proof their systems, and it’s probably also fair to say that many elements of this rather ‘different’ experience will remain part of whatever ‘new normal’ is to follow. The work Sonus has put in on educating its customers about DiGiGrid is clearly paying dividends, even during very challenging times.”

 Ramunas Alenksas concludes:

 “DiGiGrid products are of the highest quality, they’re affordable and very user-friendly. That makes them easy to introduce to our clients. We’re very pleased with how the brand is progressing in our territory and look forward to even better times to come!”