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From humble beginnings to touring with Latino superstars Gaby Moreno and Bomba Estereo, Front of House engineer Andres Guzman has been on an exciting journey.

Starting as a volunteer in a Church in 2001, Guzman learned the basics before going freelance in 2009, working for various audio companies as a sound technician during festivals and corporate events. After finding his passion, he progressed to Front of House and Monitor Engineer, working with several Latin American musicians including Mexican solo artist, Coalo Zamorano, Puerto Rican Grammy Award winner Jerry Rivera and Guatemalan sensations Julio Melgar and Suburban Bohemia.

Now well established within the Latin American music industry, he is currently mixing monitors with the immensely popular Bomba Estereo on tour in Europe and the USA. Guzman chose DiGiGrid IOX interfaces and Waves eMotion LV1 as his mix platform. Why? “I choose DiGiGrid because the interfaces offered a very high-quality sound on the mic preamp, besides the versatility to setup and operate, it was so easy to transport the equipment and go on tour any part of the world.”

He adds “DiGiGrid offers a lot of improvement in my workflow It is amazing how I am able to send tracks, clicks and SMPTE to my computer with a DAW to the console. Being on tour with Bomba Estereo and moving around all the time, DiGiGrid allows me to route the signal in whatever direction I need so I’m ready to go as and when.”

He sums up “I highly recommend DiGiGrid to anyone in the music industry for the awesome quality and the incredible SoundGrid technology offered by all the products. You can use it in a recording studio or live audio. I personally love that the preamps have such a clear sound with flair that cannot be compared with others in the market. You Rock DiGiGrid!”

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