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DiGiGrid’s Dan Page has recently returned from a 10-day tour of China, promoting and training dealers and users across the territory. Partnering with DiGiGrid’s China distributor Budee, the trip was focused on training. DiGiGrid Advanced Audio Interfaces combine class leading audio performance with the power and flexibility of the SoundGrid Network and real-time SoundGrid processing.

In the studio, DiGiGrid powers up your DAW with high definition performance and plugin DSP power. During the workshops, Dan demonstrated how to mix bigger with more plugins and ultra-low latency monitoring using StudioRack by Waves.

For Live applications, users were able to experience how DiGiGrid powered Waves MultiRack and LV1 solutions provides users with the ability to mix and runs hundreds of plugins in real-time.

Brand Manager Dan comments “The DiGiGrid interfaces and solutions have become the standard off console processing solution for every live console. In large territories like China, the compact and modular nature of DiGiGrid systems makes for easy transport and setup of a powerful system. No matter how much processing or I/O you need, DiGiGrid gives you the ability to carry everything you need”

Kicking off in Beijing at the Communication University of China, the tour included stops at the Shanghai University, Sichuan University of Media & Communications in Chengdu, The Melody Music Restaurant Shenzhen and HSH Kowloon Centre in Hong Kong.

“Our tour made multiple stops and touched a variety of different customers, it was a great chance to really create some buzz around DiGiGrid’s products as well as to show our partners and end users how helpful the products in a range of settings,” said Brandon Chemers, Budee’s Strategic Alliance Manager.

“Dan’s presentation was a unique look into both the hardware & software behind DiGiGrid and with his strong technical background, he was able to really go in depth and teach the audiences what makes these products great, it was a momentum creating two weeks for us,” said Budee’s North China Sales Manager Chris Cui.

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