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The appointment of United Brands as a DiGiGrid Dealer in Germany, sees the brand strengthen its position as the leading SoundGrid Interface brand for Live and studio markets. “United’s focus on audio networking combined with the DiGiGrid portfolio, puts them in the perfect position to establish themselves as Germany’s leading supplier of audio networked DSP solutions. The timing of this appointment aligns perfectly with Germany based Michael Mäurer , joining Team DiGiGrid as European Product Specialist”, says DiGiGrid’s Brand Manager, Dan Page.

“DiGiGrid is a great partner for United Brands” comments Florian Herkart, United Brand’s Sales Specialist; their portfolio fully integrates to live production as well as expanding the workflow in a studio environment. We can now offer our customers even more flexibility with the DiGiGrid solutions, and offer them an added value to their workspace. Integrating SoundGrid DSP, plugins and the DiGiGrid hardware into a studio is a perfect combination.”

Since working with DiGiGrid products, United Brands can now offer solutions and flexibility to its clients and customers. DiGiGrid’s IOS and IOX will become core products that offer I/O and connectivity options, high quality preamps, and a relatively small footprint.

DiGiGrid products offer a scalable audio network solution for any kind of application. From small studios using the DiGiGrid “D” or “M” interfaces, to bigger setup with multiple IOS and IOX interfaces, and real-time Waves SoundGrid Plugin processing, the products offer unparalleled flexibility across multiple markets.

Flo comments “What I absolutely love is the DiGiGrid “Q”. It’s one of the best sounding headphone amps I have heard so far! Offering AES, Analogue I/O and as well a compact design, it’s the perfect travelling headphone amp for United Brands to offer.”

I love the quality, flexibility and the look of these products. Using a network to provide audio which is also flexible, is more and more important in this industry. I’m excited what future developments will follow, with DiGiGrid and United Brands continuing to work together.”

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