DiGiGrid DLS has topped the Processor category in the 2015 Resolution Awards. The all-in-one processing and networking hub bridges Pro Tools and SoundGrid. With its built-in SoundGrid DSP server, network switch, and two DigiLink ports providing as many as 64 digital inputs and outputs, DiGiGrid DLS gives you more processing power and lets you take full advantage of your existing Pro Tools system.

The DLS’s built-in SoundGrid DSP server gives you unequaled processing power. And since you have full plugin integration inside your DAW, you can track, monitor and mix while running hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible Waves and third-party plugins in real time—all with an incredibly low latency of only 0.8 milliseconds.

The awards, judged by some of the best-informed readers in the pro audio sector, are particularly renowned for recognizing top quality and innovation within the audio business. It’s a serious thumbs up for the DLS, which saw off all the competition from brands such as TC Electronic, Direct Out, and Trinnov.