When faced with the prospect of preparing to mix a high profile arena tour that had already been running for a year, Front of House engineer Dave Bracey had to make some smart decisions… DiGiGrid’s MGB proved the perfect solution.

“As a long time DiGiCo, user I have multi-tracked shows on many different systems,” says Bracey. “But to prepare for this tour, I needed a rig to play back 100 or so tracks at 96k and also fit it into my study at home  – I thought the wife wouldn’t mind as we had decorators in anyway.“Rather than a large multi-track rig in a rack, I was sent two tiny DiGiGrid MGB MADI interfaces and eight short BNC cables. The interfaces sit neatly in the console’s back-box and, with only an Ethernet switch and a computer to connect, the whole thing was up and running in no time at all.

“Up to 128 channels at 96k in and out in a rig that you can fit in a shoebox.  An amazing piece of kit that I just pulled out and set up on a new tour… Too easy!”