So says Claudio Jans, who has been a musician, songwriter, producer and sound engineer since the early 1990s. He plays electric, acoustic and bass guitars as well as drums, and favours all flavours of rock, blues and heavy metal.

So what is the right equipment for him? “I have created my very special, personal, flexible and transportable equipment set. I use this system in the studio and also when I work on live performances,” says Claudio. “Working together with lots of artists and companies over the past 28 years, I have learned to handle their belongings and requirements within optimal and professional circumstances, so I think I can also give the right spirit.”

Claudio began using DiGiGrid IOS by chance, when he was looking for a flexible recording solution. “I had been looking for a very long time, but when I tried DiGiGrid IOS it just had everything I was looking for,” he says. “There are I/Os for microphones and line signals, monitor speakers and headphones, and it offers a perfect integration to my DAW via the SoundGrid Network.  If I need more than the existing inputs, I can expand the DiGiGrid IOS easily with a DiGiGrid IOX.”

He adds: “The converters are just brilliant; they offer a crystal clear sound and outstanding headroom. For the musicians to feel comfortable when recording, the software eMotion ST Mixer ensures the perfect Monitor Mix.”

Claudio recently worked with the hard rock band STINGER on a special project – STINGER Cross Rock AID – to support sick children.

“The project was based on the music from STINGER and they also invited some great guest musicians from around the world to take part, including Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO, Rhino Bucket),

Tony Currenti (AC/DC Studio “High Voltage”), Bob Richards (Buck&Evans, Adrian Smith, Son Of Man) and several others,” says Claudio. “To do all the recordings quickly and easily, a transportable flexible recording system was needed. So we did all the recordings with my personal equipment suite based on a DiGiGrid IOS, plus a DiGiGrid IOX when more inputs were needed. We recorded at the rehearsal room of the band, in hotel rooms, at various studios and in my living room.”

Claudio’s DiGiGrid IOS at his studio is his central unit. “Through the system software, StudioRack, I can outsource intensive Plugin calculations. It also lets me keep the performance of the host PC free for more important tasks,” he says.

Claudio also uses the DiGiGrid IOS for FoH or monitor mixing for live shows. He explains: “I use the DiGiGrid IOS on my WAVES LV1 system as the hub of the mixing desk. It offers me inputs for my talkback microphone, my Media Player and much more, plus it has the necessary outputs for monitor speakers and headphones.”

The flexibility and reliability of the system have made DiGiGrid IOS the centerpiece of Claudio’s setup.

He sums up: “I didn’t find these tools or solutions in any other equipment. That’s why I can only encourage everyone to try out DiGiGrid IOS. The flexibility is outstanding and I guarantee enthusiasm and joy!”