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Several years ago, when my Pro Tools HD TDM cards were becoming long in the tooth and the cost of a new HD system was beyond my reach, I began searching for a replacement solution. I was looking for a way to offload my plug-in processing, thereby freeing up my CPU for handling large sessions full of multi-track virtual instruments.

After looking into the options, I chose the DiGiGrid DLS because it not only allowed me to offload my favourite Waves plug-in processing but it also allowed me to continue making use of my legacy 96 I/O. Since purchasing the DLS, I’ve found inspiration by diving into Waves’ Platinum bundle and making use of the StudioRack plugin chainer and instantly having the same power in Ableton Live as in Pro Tools.

The system is rock solid – so much so that I officially retired my TDM cards and am not looking back. I’m currently building out a second studio and know the DLS will be a central element. I may even splurge on another DiGiGrid product knowing it will be rugged, reliable and evergreen.

I enthusiastically recommend the DiGiGrid line to other artists who are seeking a powerful set-and-forget system that allows them to stay in their creative zone with no fear of running out of CPU power.


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