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Singer-songwriter and streamer, Matt Fawcett uses DiGiGrid on stage and in the studio… 

Matt Fawcett is a dynamic independent singer-songwriter from Fort Wayne, Indiana, whose live work encompasses a full range of festivals, charity events, church performances and house shows across the Midwest. Describing his sound as a ‘country music with a contemporary Christian twist and a speck of bluegrass’, Matt is a prolific writer who uses his home studio to develop and record his ideas, as well broadcasting live streams to his fans. His passion for music extends beyond writing and performing, and he can very often be found running the sound for services at his church. A keen interest in music technology has proved to be an invaluable advantage in developing his career, so when he was looking to put together a professional quality setup for his live performances and home-studio, he had a clear idea of what he was trying to achieve.   

Matt first encountered DiGiGrid products when he was researching how best to use plug-in processing live:

“That’s when I first encountered DiGiGrid and bought my first IOS – I was hooked from the start. From the MGO and MGB to the IOS-XL, DiGiGrid has a ton of solutions and it’s not just doing plugin processing or virtual playback – it’s becoming a full live sound solution with the marriage of the Waves eMotion LV1 console.”

Matt uses IOX, IOS-XL and Cube D in both his studio and live setups:

“I have an IOS and Cube D in the studio, using StudioRack so I can offload processing for Waves  onto the IOS server. I have an IOS-XL and a few IOXs in my live rig, so I can have the same sound on stage as I have in the studio. My live setup is all run by a Waves eMotion LV1 Console, so if I need more IO, I can borrow from my studio setup or vice-versa. The expandability of the system makes it easy to switch from a small singer-songwriter setup to a full band and anywhere in between. Sonically the boxes sound absolutely amazing – every time I pull up the faders, I am completely amazed at how good everything sounds, both live and recording in the studio.”

Whilst most of Matt’s current gigs are solo performances, he has recently begun to branch out into some full-band shows, and is considering expanding his setup to take account of this. As he points out :

“…that’s the huge benefit of the DiGiGrid system – I just need one Cat5 cable and I can add another box!”

Matt has recently released a series of well-received singles in the lead up to his next album release, keeping him busy on both the studio and live fronts. A keen appreciation of technology combined with a confident musical delivery gives this hard-working musician an

edge, but he’s also quick to give credit where he feels it’s due:

“I can’t say enough about the DiGiGrid team and their support. The integration with Waves software and the build-quality of the units is absolutely amazing. I chose them with good reason for my personal setup, and I look forward to continuing to grow with them being the backbone of what I do musically. I have more confidence knowing I’m working with the best and that it’s rock solid. I’m currently busy both in stage and in the studio, so having one system to take care of everything when moving between the two worlds makes things as easy as can be.”